Music: The Medicine of the Soul

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ONLINE through the California Jazz Conservatory (Jazzschool)

Plato once remarked, “Music is the medicine of the soul,” and we all know the profound impact music has on our emotions. But why is it so beneficial? Discover the science-backed health benefits of music, sound, and singing in this engaging workshop. From reducing stress and boosting immunity to improving memory and enhancing lung function, music offers a wealth of advantages for our well-being. We’ll delve into the realm of “vibrational medicine,” exploring the use of sound and music in a medical model to support physical and neurological conditions.

Learn about the current modalities like music therapy, music medicine, and sound therapy, and understand their potential to aid in creativity and meditation. Join us on this enlightening journey to explore the current trends in sound healing and the key elements being adopted today, as well as the exciting future of music as medicine. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or have no musical experience at all, this workshop is open to all who seek to harness the power of sound for healing and well-being.