A Path to Healing & Balance

with Ellen Johnson 

 Throughout history, the four elements have played a pivotal role in various healing traditions, including Chinese, Native American, Aboriginal, Vedic, Tibetan, and early Greek cultures. They are considered the building blocks of life, essential for maintaining harmony and balance in the world we inhabit. The wind carries moisture to nourish the earth, enabling the growth of abundant vegetation and providing fuel for the sacred fire. 

Whether you are seeking emotional healing, physical rejuvenation, or a deeper connection to nature's rhythms, this workshop series offers a unique opportunity to use sound and music to harmonize with the elements and tap into their transformative power. Through guided listening sessions, sonic meditation, and enlightening discussions, we will explore how the essence of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire can enhance our understanding, balance, and overall state of being. 

No prior musical experience is required—simply bring an open heart, a curious mind, and a willingness to explore the profound interplay between music and nature. 

Each week we will systematically move around each direction to explore one of the 4 elements using song/sound in guided meditations, discussion the emotional, mental and physical aspects of the effects on our being, and the indigenous knowledge of the teachings of these elements. Participants will receive practices to implement in their daily lives to assist with maintaining balance and health. 

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Sound Healing EVENTS

Seminars, WOrkshops, Classes & Private Sessions


•Sound Healing: Music As Medicine Introductory Seminar


•World Sound Healing Day (Free Event) - 

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MARCH (Spring Series):

•Form & Formless: Creating with Intention

APRIL (Spring Series):

•Finding Comfort In Music & Sound

MAY (Spring Series):

•I Sing the Body Electric

JUNE, JULY & AUGUST (Summer Series):

•Open Your Heart With Music & Sound 

Please note: most of these events will be listed on the calendar or soon to be listed. Contact us for anything that is not listed.