Warm Up For Your Life - Introduction

Trained singers understand the importance of warming up the voice and it becomes a part of their daily vocal routine. It isn't because their voice teachers tell them to do so, it's because it's important for the health and longevity of the voice. 


How many of you singers go to your "gig" or performances without warming up first? In other words you just sing your songs without any vocal preparation. You can argue that it doesn't make a difference for you but in the long run it will. 


Real warm ups with a purpose not only help preserve your voice they keep it well maintained over long periods of time. Not to mention they can provide the fundamentals that all healthy singing voices need. That includes being able to control what you want to do with your sound including cross over singing. 


In the next entries I will be discussing what "good" warm ups are and how to use them for your voice. 


These warm ups have been around for a long time developed by cutting edge vocal coaches/teachers, speech therapists and medical professionals. There are many "systems" that are effective but there is not an exclusive method to get the results you desire. As the saying goes, there are many ways to the top of the mountain. I hope to offer some guidance as to what those solutions might be and how you can apply them to your vocal routine. 


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