Whether you’re an experienced vocalist aiming to refine your technique or someone eager to explore and develop your voice, this class is crafted with you in mind. Throughout this module, we will delve into the fundamentals of vocal technique, addressing key aspects such as range, pitch, vocal quality, breath support, articulation, register coordination, and musicianship.

Our approach involves targeted exercises and personalized practice recommendations to ensure a tailored and effective learning experience.

This is an opportunity to refine your singing technique and gain insights into the art of performance and interpretation with a seasoned professional. Whether your musical preferences lean towards classical, pop, jazz, or any other genre, our class accommodates diverse styles and preferences. Expect to receive valuable guidance on song choice, along with performance tips to enhance your stage presence. This class provides a supportive and collaborative online environment, fostering a sense of community as you refine your vocal abilities.

$220 for full 5 week series