From the pioneering days of Flora Purim to the groundbreaking artistry of Esperanza Spalding, the world of genre expanding vocals has witnessed a spectacular transformation over the years. Delve into the past and embrace the innovative artists who pushed the boundaries of music, carving their own unique path. Experience the incredible voyage of the fusion vocal style as it absorbs influences from jazz, rock, funk, and beyond. Observe the continuously shifting landscape as it evolves from the influences of these vocal pioneers to our present-day array of vocal artists. This workshop welcomes all musicians and music enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the innovators of this ever-evolving music. Join us on a journey that pays homage to the trailblazers, musical activists and draws inspiration from the boundless world of jazz fusion.

Throughout this workshop, we will:

  1. Explore the Vocal Revolution: Delve into the rich history of fusion vocals, understanding the cultural motivation and groundbreaking technology that fueled these innovative ideas.
  2. Discover Sound Pioneers: Immerse yourself in the sounds that defined each era, from the experimental tones of the '60’s and ‘70’s to the genre-defying notes of today.
  3. Learn from the Legends: Through a thoughtfully curated selection of tracks and albums, gain profound insights into the evolution of fusion vocals and the influential voices that have shaped it.
  4. Vocal Repertoire Expansion: Singers, take the spotlight and explore fusion repertoire and vocal techniques inspired by prominent artists.

$195 for all 3 webinars